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  • Suryanarayana, M.H (2012-05-30)
    In the context of the current public policy focus on rising food prices and their implications for food security, this paper examines two major issues raised: (i) Universalization of the public distribution system; and ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H (2012-05-31)
    In the wake of the economic reform programme undertaken since 1991, distributional issues have received considerable attention and policy concern. In pursuit of such concerns, the government has worked out an approach ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H (2012-05-30)
    This paper takes up the issues pertaining to the health sector in Kerala in a larger comparative perspective in the Indian context. It would focus on the incidence of morbidity across socio-economic dimensions and their ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H (2012-05-30)
    This study examines the economic profiles of morbidity by disease in Kerala and all- India by estimating Engel elasticities for diseases and classifying them as between those associated with affluence and deprivation. ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H; Das, Mousumi (2014-01)
    Public welfare policies in developing countries have a Rawlsian perspective; they seek to uplift the poor, the poorest of the poor in particular. Policies to enable the poor to catch up with the rich are generally two-fold, ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H; Silva, Dimitri (2012-05-30)
    This study provides a profile of deprivation with respect to consumer expenditure, cereal consumption and energy intake across demographic and agro-climatic regions as defined by the National Sample Survey Organisation ...
  • Suryanarayana, M.H (2012-05-30)
    This note seeks to show that the debate on ‘Pro-Poor Growth’ is sterile and largely academic with few policy insights.

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