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  • Motiram, Sripad (2014-09)
    I present a review and extended discussion of The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice and Lives by Deirdre McCloskey and Stephen Ziliak, a work that raises important issues related ...
  • Motiram, Sripad; Osberg, Lars (2012-06-04)
    Is the poor human capital investment by rural Indian families primarily a supply side or a demand side issue? We examine school attendance and total human capital investment time (time in school plus travel time plus ...
  • Motiram, Sripad; Naraparaju, Karthikeya (2013-02)
    We investigate the relationship between growth and deprivation in India, an issue of immense interest. Given the continuing controversy in India over poverty lines, we use a framework that rigorously assesses the impact ...
  • Motiram, Sripad (2012-06-01)
    This paper formalizes ideas from classical and radical political economy on task allocation and technology adoption under capitalism. A few previous studies have attempted this, but the framework and results in this paper ...
  • Motiram, Sripad; Sarma, Nayantara (2012-06-04)
    We analyze polarization in India roughly in the past two and half decades using consumption expenditure data. We show that polarization has increased sharply since the 1990s, reversing the earlier trend. On multidimensional ...
  • Motiram, Sripad; Naraparaju, Karthikeya (2014-07)
    We develop a measure of unemployment that takes into account both the level and intensity of unemployment and that satisfies several desirable properties, including distribution sensitivity (dealing with differences among ...

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