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Kautilya is an institutional repository (IR) of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, which hosts IGIDR's publications, conference papers and abstracts of theses and dissertations.

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  • Reddy, B. Sudhakara; Tiwari, Arpit (2016-07)
    This study provides a snapshot of the sustainability of selected Indian cities by employing 57 indicators in four dimensions to develop an overall city sustainability index. In recent years, its complexity has made 'urban ...
  • Naskar, Mili; Pal, Rupayan (2016-07)
    This paper examines the implication of the nature of competition in a market with network externalities on strategic investment in process R&D by firms. It shows that network externalities have a positive effect on process ...
  • Sane, Renuka; Thomas, Susan (2016-07)
    The paper asks what drives insurance coverage in low income households by analysing repurchase patterns of micro-insurance policies. We use data on customers of a financial services provider from three states in India ...
  • Sengupta, Rajeswari; Sharma, Anjali; Thomas, Susan (2016-06)
    The current Indian framework for corporate insolvency resolution, is fraught with deficiencies in the laws, their procedures, their implementation as well as in the capacity of the institutions supporting them. The absence ...
  • Banerjee, Prasenjit; Pal, Rupayan; Shogren, Jason F (2016-05)
    Honor and stigma play a role in environmental protection. Environmental honors are bestowed on people and firms who go out of their way to do right by the environment. Similarly, environmental stigma is put on people or ...

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