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Kautilya is an institutional repository (IR) of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, which hosts IGIDR's publications, conference papers and abstracts of theses and dissertations.

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  • Samal, Rashmi Rekha; Mishra, Srijit (Sage, 2022)
    Given the global commitment to zero hunger and in the backdrop of Asian enigma, this paper looks into nutritional deprivation among Kandhas, a tribal community from Odisha, India. Based on fieldwork during a harvest ...
  • Ghosh, Taniya; Parab, Prashant (2019-01)
    This study analyses the time varying correlation of money and output using the DCC GARCH model for the Euro, India, Poland, the UK and the US. Apart from simple sum money, this model uses Divisia monetary aggregate, which ...
  • Ganguly, Madhuparna; Pal, Rupayan (2018-04)
    This note shows that the argument of Šaljanin(2017) [Šaljanin, 2017. “Signaling through public antitrust enforcement―, Economics Letters 169, 4 - 6] that public antitrust enforcement complements private investment ...
  • Reddy, B. Sudhakara; Tiwari, Arpit (2016-07)
    This study provides a snapshot of the sustainability of selected Indian cities by employing 57 indicators in four dimensions to develop an overall city sustainability index. In recent years, its complexity has made 'urban ...
  • Naskar, Mili; Pal, Rupayan (2016-07)
    This paper examines the implication of the nature of competition in a market with network externalities on strategic investment in process R&D by firms. It shows that network externalities have a positive effect on process ...

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