Indian Association for Research in National Income and Wealth

Organizes a seminar on

Use of Macro Accounts in Policy Analysis

Venue : IARNIW Campus, New Delhi.

November 21 / 22, 2019


Background theme:
Interlinkages between National Accounts Statistics (GDP, capital formation, consumption, savings etc.) indicators with other macro-economic statistics for projections and policies analysis need no emphasis. However, though many indicators are used in analysis to assess economic conditions and developments over time, it is also increasingly being realized that this assessment could be used for formulation and monitoring socio-economic policies. This, many times depends on the selecting suitable and consistent indicators. For optimum utilization of scarce resources, it is therefore imperative that macro accounting indicators should be developed in conjunction with the need for policy analysis. A strategy for macro model builders is to lay out the three groups of accounts (National Economic Accounts, Satellite Accounting and Socio-economic Accounting) and attempt to design a model that will explain the dynamic movement of all the accounting statement entries in the system.

Important Dates
Last date for paper submission:
  October 30, 2019

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