International Seminar on Globalisation and India's Innovation Systems: A 'Creative Destruction'?

Venue : Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.

Feb, 4-6, 2017

Globalisation and rise of knowledge economy has made innovation systems a major terrain for broader and deeper introspection.this conference aims to create a platform for discussions on understanding the impact of Globalisation on India's innovation systems - national, sectoral and regional. Globalisation and internet dismantled the spatial boundaries among nations, paving the way for faster diffusion of information and communication technologies, on the one hand, provide opprtunities for transformation of national innovation systems but the rules set for the integration of world economies reduced the role of the state, though state continues to play an important role in building up nation's innovation systems. The concept note/themes covered are available at

Brief abstracts (500 words) of papers are invited from all disciplines relevant for exploring India's innovation systemin the context of globalisation. Abstracts may be sent to the Director, K. N. Raj Centre for Economics at latest by 5 December, 2016. Decisions of the peer review process will be communicated to the authors by 10 December 2016. Last date for the submission of complete papers of shortlisted abstracts in 19 January, 2017.

Papers presented during the conference will be published as book by a reputed international publisher. Authors of papers will be provided with travel fare and local hospitality to participate in the conference.

Submission of Abstract: 5.12.2016

Decision of peer reviewed abstract : 10.12.2016

Last date for submission of complete papers of shortlisted abstracts : 19.1.2017

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